How You Save

A stack of textbooks.

Cost Savings Programs

Item #1 on our Five Year Business Plan:

"Reduce the cost of Course Materials for Kennesaw State University Students."

  • Online price comparison: Students shopping on our website can see the prices of their books from other online retailers. If that price is better, we will link the student to that site to make their purchase.
  • We offer free shipping for textbooks every semester.
  • Our rental program saves up to 67% on hundreds of titles.
  • We are working with departments to build competitive custom packages for other needed materials in Art, Architecture, and Engineering as well as custom books specific to KSU professors and courses.
  • We work closely with Affordable Learning Georgia to encourage OER materials (Open Education Resources). This is an ongoing effort to offer more free materials to students. Our first responsibility is also to offer quality materials so OER materials will become more common only when they are right for our students.


KSU is a BYOB campus (Bring Your Own Books).  This means you are required to provide your own books and materials.

Take advantage of free UPS Ground shipping in August and January.