Find Your Course Materials

There are two ways to easily access information about your required course materials online.

University Stores Website


  • Hover over "Textbooks"
  • Choose "Shop Textbooks"
  • Select appropriate Term, Department and Course Section
  • Click "View Your Materials" 

Owl Express


  • Click "Login" under Owl Express
  • Log in with your KSU Email and Password
  • Select the "KSU Bookstore" link 

Purchasing Options

  • Digital course materials that you have access to through the University's Learning Management System, D2L. No in-store purchase is required, but your student account will be charged for these materials on a specified date unless you choose to opt out.

    Click here to learn more about Day One Access.

  • You own it. You may keep the book when your class ends or see if University Stores is offering cash to buy it back.
  • You pay a reduced price, but the book remains the property of University Stores. There are select titles that can only be rented. Rented books must be returned to University Stores by a specified date each semester. Damage or failure to return rentals will result in a charge being applied to your student account.

Tips for Buying Your Textbooks

  1. Shop early
  2. Shop in-store or online
  3. Know the refund policy and deadlines
  4. Always keep your receipt
  5. Do not open or alter anything until it's time to use it
  6. Return all rentals before the specified due date
  7. Sell qualifying books back at the end of the semester

Course Material Listings

  • These materials are necessary to successfully complete the course.
  • Supplemental materials that may be helpful, but are not considered "required."
  • Supplemental materials, listed at the bookstore's discretion, that may be helpful but are not required.
  • Indicdates a similar item is available in multiple formats. Personal preference dictates what alternate format is purchased.
  • A digital version of a textbook containing the same content as the printed text.


Course Material Formats 

  • The most durable book option, and often the most expensive form of textbook. Usually available to purchase or rent.
  • A less expensive, soft-bound book that is slightly less durable than a hardcover.
  • A 3-hole punched; unbound version of a book designed for a 3-ring binder. These are typically less expensive and less durable than either hardcover or paperback books. Rarely available to rent or to purchase used.
  • A digital version of a book that you can read, take notes, and highlight on your computer, tablet or other smart device.
  • A single-use code that grants the registered owner access to course content, homework management tools and more.